Sights to see in Japan

tokyo japan

Not only technologically advanced but has alluring ancient traditions, shrines and a vast range of natural sights, Japan is a country that attracts tourists from all across the globe. If you are also interested in visiting this amazing island country then here are the top 4 sights to see in Japan.


Starting with the capital city of Japan, Tokyo, you will be amused to know that amidst a lot of population is a fusion of both ultra-modern neon-lit skyscrapers and opulent shrines. When you plan a trip to Japan then do not miss visiting Tokyo as it has some of the best museums in the country, such as the Tokyo National Museum, splendid temples and shrines, like Meiji Shinto Shrine, the 7th-century Sensō-Ji Buddhist temple, etc. and large public gardens of Imperial Palace. John from Lind Legacy Tree Service highly recommends traveling to Tokyo to see the sights.


Sitting on the island of Honshu, Kyoto was once the capital city of Japan and is popular as a tourist destination with amazing sights to see in Japan, such as classical Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, wooden houses, etc. In reality, this is the place for all those who want to see the real Japan with its traditions like kaiseki dining or temples like Ginkaku-Ji, Kyomizu-Dera Temple, etc. as well as gardens, imperial palaces, and traditional wooden houses. On one hand, when you go to the Gion district you can find traditional Geisha and female entertainers whereas on the hand when you move towards the west then you can find Arashiyama’s bamboo grove which can allow you to enjoy peaceful walks.


A commercial hub and a large port city, Osaka is a good place to visit in Japan if you are interested in enjoying the nightlife, street food like takoyaki (octopus dumplings) or something different like okonomiyaki (savory pancakes) and modern architecture like the Umeda Sky Building, etc. in Japan. Apart from this, you can also visit some of the most popular historical landmarks, such as the 16th-century shogunate Osaka Castle, which is encompassed by a moat and park that has plum and cherry-blossom trees. You can also visit one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan- Sumiyoshi-Taisha.


Located in south-central Honshu, Nara is the capital of Nara Prefecture in Japan and has artwork apart from temples dating back to the 8th century. Once this place was the capital of Japan and one can find magnificent temples here, such as the site of Tōdai-Ji temple, Shinto shrine Kasuga Taisha (768 A.D) with over 3,000 lanterns, 6th-century Kōfuku-Ji temple, etc.


Japan is a beautiful country which is ancient and is rich in traditions and culture. It is a perfect place for anyone who wants to spend quality time with his family. So, this time when you plan Japan tour then do not forget the aforementioned sights to see in Japan.